1. Heavenly Father we thank you for Who you are in our lives and for your Presence in  Jesus Sanctuary. We thank you for faithfully caring for us. I Sam7:12
  1. . Heavenly Father, we thank You for your word concerning us that we will arise and we will shine for your light has come and your glory is risen upon us.  Isaiah 60: 1.
  1. Father, we thank You for your  goodness, mercies and various testimonies of the past Guest Sundays in Jesus Sanctuary. I Sam.12:24
  1. Father, thank You for every family represented in Jesus Sanctuary for the dawn of a new positive beginning for the church and for the people of God. Is.43:18,19
  1. Father in the name of Jesus, we pray that Jesus Sanctuary, as a church, as a people and as a family, will arise and enter into divine ordained destinies to the glory and honour of your name. Acts 3: 6-9. Isaiah 61:3.
  1. Father, arise, scatter and destroy every enemies of your church and your people in Jesus mighty name. Psalm 60: 1-2, Numbers 10:35.
  1. Father in Jesus name, I decree Jesus Sanctuary will arise and shine, our light will break forth in Surulere and beyond to the glory of the Lord our God. Isaiah 60: 1-5.
  1. Father in Jesus name, we pray that Jesus Sanctuary be filled with the glorious manifestation of your presence, that each one of us will catch the fire of heaven.Jer.20:9
  1. Oh Lord through this Arise programme, let every curse, bondage and shackle of the enemy be permanently destroyed in Jesus mighty name. Isaiah 61:7, Isaiah 27:10.
  1.  Our Father, we ask that the precious blood of Jesus will flow into the foundation of our lives, to heal, to restore and to repair every damage from generations past. Ps.11:3
  1.  Father, we pray for the outpouring of your Spirit upon us to bring about conviction and genuine repentance. John 16: 7-10. .
  1. Father in the name of Jesus, as we seek your face during Arise programme, let there be beauty for ashes and let there be full restoration of hope, joy, peace, mercy and grace in the homes and families of members in Jesus Sanctuary. Isaiah 61:3.
  1. Father in the name of Jesus, grant us victory over every form of sin, sickness, failure, defeat and fear. 2Corin. 2:14.
  1. Father, through this programme, let every siege in the lives of your people in Jesus Sanctuary be lifted and the people relocated into abundance, prosperity, greater commitment and service to God. 2nd King 7: 1-2, Deut: 10: 12.
  1. We ask you Oh Lord, for a mighty harvest of souls. Everyone that you have ordained for salvation shall not be missing in Jesus name. We declare the gates of Jesus Sanctuary opened to receive souls into the kingdom. Matt.9:38
  1. In the name of Jesus, we decree and take authority over the weather atmosphere and the environment in and around Surulere. We decree ALL THINGS SHALL work together for our good to the glory of God concerning the Guest Sunday ARISE programme. Romans 8: 28, Psalm 138:8
  1. Father, we frustrate and scatter every satanic agenda and evil manipulation concerning the Arise programme in the name of Jesus. 2 Cor. 10:3-5; Numbers 10:35.
  1. Holy Father, We commit the guest Minister, Evangelist Banji Adesanmi, into your hands, that you will anoint him with fresh oil, that he will minister the Word of the Lord with signs and wonders following. Isaiah 12:3. God will use him marvelously to turn lives around.
  1. We pray that every department, equipment and personnel in church shall function with maximum efficiency and that all will go well in Jesus name. Ps.90:17
  1. We decree upon Nigeria that the light of the Lord will arise and shine His light upon us so that every work of darkness and satanic agenda is permanently terminated in Jesus mighty name. Isaiah 60:1.