Junior Church offers classes for children from age 1 through pre-teen years. The goal of the Junior Church is to nurture children who will grow up to live respectable and productive lives contributing positively to society. To achieve this goal, various programmes/strategies are organzied which include:

  • Categorizing children into various age groups
  • Quality Christian teachings which reflect ethics and morals
  • Empowering children to achieve their dreams
  • Developing Godly characters
  • Involving/engaging parents in the children’s activities

There is a class for every age and class time includes praise and worship, lessons, guided activities and fun.

Other Junior Church Activities

We have children’s choir and drama. We take church outside church through sports, career Sunday, cookery Sunday, movie Sunday, picnic Sunday, visit to orphanages …….



Teens Church is an integral part of the Junior Church and offers classes to teenagers. The goal of the Teens Church is to groom teenagers who will be prepared for their youthful years and become Christ’s ambassadors. To achieve this goal, programmes are organized which include:

  • Career and developmental talks
  • Discussion on trending issues affecting teenagers
  • Healthy mentoring and peer relationships
  • Periodic debates on topical issues and quiz
  • Church outside Church through social media interactions
  • Detailed Christian teachings tailored towards teens lifestyle

Junior Church provides you with an opportunity to be surrounded by other children who love the Lord and to be in an conducive environment under the guidance of teachers who have passion for children.