The Prison Ministry was set up for the purpose of evangelising in the prisons since Jesus Christ died for everyone including the prison inmates. The Prison Ministry reaches out to these inmates by going into all the prisons as scheduled with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in accordance with Matthew 28:18-20.  “Go ye therefore and teach all nations……”                  .

Members go to any of these prisons: Maximum Kirikiri, Medium Kirikiri, Female Kirikiri, Ikoyi, Badagry, to minister to the inmates.                     :
They are ministered to in the following ways:

  • Spirituality, by preaching the gospel, leading them to Christ and discipling them.
  • Physically, by providing them with material things like food, clothing, toiletries, baby food (for the female inmates), etc while also contributing towards any project that is beneficial to them like helping to build or renovate their chapels, etc.
  • Emotionally, by counselling the inmates collectively or through one on one sessions thereby encouraging them and allaying any probable fears.
  • Medically, by paying for their hospital bills or providing money for medication.
  • Legally, by providing money for ‘bail’ or to facilitate court appearances.
  • Morally, by providing money for their transportation to take the released inmate to their hometowns or back to their families. This is to ensure that they get home instead of roaming about and going back to their old ways.